"Lauren has directed me both in published plays as well as served as dramaturg and director for three of my one-man shows. Her attention to detail and Understanding of the big picture are unmatched. Her passion is contagious and demands equal effort. She is unafraid to go to dark places in supporting her casts, and yet maintains safety and tact in everything she does. My best work to date has been realized because of her guidance and expertise, and above all her friendship." 
- BLake Zolfo, AEA

"Lauren's understanding of the human condition provides such deep insight into characters and text. She is sharp and inventive and thus offers a refreshing perspective on classical and contemporary works. Lauren is warm, collaborative and professional. I would recommend her coaching services to anyone." 
- Sara Shahnazarian

"Lauren has an actor's eye for directing that gives performers the tools to put their best work on stage. Lauren's knowledge of theatre and commitment to her work makes her an absolute joy to work with. Lauren is an invaluable mentor, someone you want to work with again and again." 
- Ben Harris, MFA

"Lauren is one of the most intelligent directors I've had the pleasure of working with. Her talent is making real world connections with the material that would have never occured to me as an actor. her insight and knowledge are invaluable and her compassion and empathy make her so easy to work with. She is the first person I go to for advice, whether it is repertoire choice, interpretation, or direction. I cannot emphasize enough her professionalism, enthusiasm, or brilliance." 
- Kirsten Mullen, MFA

"My first coaching experience with Lauren happened when she asked me to replace someone who had to drop out of a show, last minute. Lauren helped me become comfortable with a very tough character with only one week of rehearsals, and ended up helping me create one of my favorite performances. Since this experience, Lauren has become someone I can count on for coaching, professional advice, and impressive theatrical knowledge. I have had success working with her on contemporary and classical text, as well as music. Lauren is a coach you can depend on!" 
- Nate Richardson, MFA

"My senior year of college at The Boston COnservatory, I had the absolute honor of working with Lauren. It was my last show, and it was "The Light IN the Piazza." Lauren Helped me understand and look at text like I never had before. Every single step we took had a purpose. and furthered the plot. Long story short - Lauren is an extremely passionate director/coach who will help you understand your text, help you appreciate it, and help you love it." 
- Max Joseph

"I had the absolute pleasure of working with Lauren on Fat Pig and Macbeth. Lauren is patient and speaks the actor's language. She creates a wonderful atmosphere to play in, which is every actor's dream. Not only is Lauren a fantastic director, she's a pretty histerical human being who speaks in movie quotes. So when you work with Lauren, You're guaranteed a fun time!!"
- Yael Rizowy

"My time working under Lauren's direction was the best show experience I've ever had (And I've Had many). She was able to cultivate a safe, collaborative environment for her actors, while always maintaining the purity of her vision (which is no easy Task). and of course, her vision was brilliant." 
- Drew Hoyt

"I had a blast coaching my monologues with lauren! Her generosity of spirit and playful approach to material freed up my delivery, and her inventive and unique approach to material inspired me to new levels. Highly recommended!"
- Brandon Grimes, AEA